How We Serve Your Community


American Patriots The III% Serves Your Community in a Peaceful Manner

·       We educate our communities in survival, prepping, and food preservation

Learning food preparation for survival. American Patriots The III%

·       We provide resources for communities to stand up against local school boards and to get our own members elected

Standing up for parental rights at school boards nation-wide. American Patriots The III%

Hundreds of residents in a Southern California community swarmed a school board meeting Thursday night to speak out about the loss of parental rights in schools.

·       We provide resources for individuals, groups, and businesses, who wish to fight against vaccine mandates

Fighting government medical overreach, in the US and across the globe. American Patriots The III%

·       We work with individuals and groups fighting for election integrity

We will win the fight for fair and free elections! American Patriots The III%

We will win the fight for fair and free elections! New Yorkers sue to block City Council measure allowing non-citizens to vote!

·       We work with veterans, one on one, and with veteran’s groups

Veterans Memorial. American Patriots The III% supports our veterans!

Sadly, 1st Sergeant Mayhem, USMC, took his own life shortly before Christmas, 2021. We had just established a group in Telegram exclusively for veterans to be able to speak with each other as Brother to Brother. As a group, we do everything in our power to be responsive to our members’ needs. Although we failed and lost Mayhem, the group remains in honor of his memory and everything he contributed. RIP!

·       We work with individuals seeking election to local GOP boards

·       We provide coordinated nation-wide efforts to aid local communities whenever a disaster, natural or manmade, occurs. Teams from our ranks stand at the ready to answer the call for first responders as well as search and rescue squads

Our teams stand ready to assist in all disasters, natural, and manmade. American Patriots The III%

One of too many destroyed homes hit by a Tornado in Arabi, LA, 3-23-22. Our members are already assisting with clean up.

·       We network with other patriot groups once we know our missions are aligned

·       We seek out and align with constitutional sheriffs wherever they can be found

·       There is a lot more!

Vetting and Probation Period 

All potential new members participate in a vetting process. This is for your protection and for the group’s protection. After vetting, if you are invited into American Patriots The III%, there is a ninety-day probationary period. This is to establish that there is a good mutual fit.


Some potential members express concern about doxing and in this world it is understandable. For those needing to protect their identity, after vetting, you can choose a “handle” which will be your group identity.

Ready to join us? Please fill out this form and you will receive and automated email with further instructions. Be sure to add to your contact list!