Who Can Join Our Group?

American Patriots The III% is Offering Membership to the Following People 

·       Doctors, nurses, psychologists, lawyers, and accountants

·       Former or Active Military and Law Enforcement: If you remain true to your oath, we want you!

·       People knowledgeable in communications, information technology, trade skills, and/or survival skills

·       People knowledgeable in prepping skills and food preservation

·       Parents with excellent child-rearing skills

·      Any US Citizen who wants to learn and share and is steadfastly loyal to our mission!

New Citizens Taking the Oath of Allegiance American Patriots The III%

New US Citizens Taking the Oath of Allegiance. All who are citizens and love our country are welcome!

Will You Have to be Trained in Firearms? 

No, only if you want to. Participation in everything in our group is fully voluntary. You take what you need, give what you can, and leave the rest! If you would like firearm training for yourself and/or members of your family, including your children, you are in the right place!

No matter your age or skill set, if you desire firearm training, our skilled instructors can help you! APIII

Many first-rate instructors are available to assist those desiring firearms training.

Is American Patriots The III% a Para-military Organization or a Militia? 

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution states, “a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” As Constitutionalists, we agree with this. However, in our world today, the word “militia” has many negative connotations including white supremacy. Any militia is painted by the media today as a hate group. We are not a bunch of mindless white supremacists spreading hate. We are the opposite of that! We do not tolerate any form of racism from any of our members. Our members come from every walk of life, from every religion, and from every race. Another reason we do not “qualify” as a militia is because we do many, many things that are not military in nature. A true militia is just that, solely a military group. We are not a military group.

Our members come from every walk of life and religious backgrounds, and life styles.  If you support our Constitution and love our Country, we want you and need you as a member. American

If you support our Constitution and love our Country, we want you and need you as a member. So, what is that hand sign? It stands for Three Percent, III%! That’s all it means and as members we are happy to display it. Why? Because it reminds us that we are upholding the same principles and beliefs as the three percent of Americans who, we believe, stood up against British tyranny and repelled Britain from our shores.

Ready to join us? Please fill out this form and you will receive and automated email with further instructions. Be sure to add membership@apiii.us to your contact list!


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